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How to Start My Car without a Chip Key? – Helpful

If you have a spare key without a chip, you could be perplexed why the vehicle won’t start even though the key is the same as the original. Your original key still has a transponder chip hidden behind the plastic that serves as an additional layer of anti-theft security, even if it doesn’t have remote lock features. As a result, the transponder key is required to start the vehicle.

Unfortunately, starting a car without a transponder chip is practically impossible. Although you can open your car’s doors with a key with the wrong programming, you need one with the right programming to start the engine.

How do chip keys work?

Let’s first define a chip key for those who need clarification on whether there is a chip in my car key. Chip keys, commonly called transponder keys or key FOBs, are popular anti-theft keys with a chip installed inside the plastic cover.

One of the well-known safety levels of a car’s system is the key itself. You probably already know that using the original key to produce a copy is the simplest and most direct approach to stealing an automobile.

Manufacturers introduced transponder chips to stop copies from starting car engines. The engine won’t turn over and start without a transponder chip because there isn’t one to transmit the radio frequency identifier the car needs.

How to start my car without a chip key?

The question arises about the transponder chip key bypass, how to for any car; Transponder chips are made completely inaccessible, making it impossible to start a car without one. A licensed dealership can read the necessary frequency from your car and produce a replacement. However, if you only have one transponder chip available, there is a solution you can try.

  • The key’s plastic cover should be removed. The seal is tight, so you should exert leverage with a screwdriver or pliers.
  • Now extract the key from the device. It looks like a tiny, opaque cylinder or a black square.
  • Put the chip on some tape and affix it close to the ignition lock.
  • Start the lock with your disassembled or spare key without a chip.
  • Reposition the tape and try again if the car won’t start.
  • Superglue should be used to fix the chip once you’ve located an available location.

Any duplicate of your key will function as though it had a chip because the transponder chip is always close to the ignition lock.

The main drawback is you lose a layer of security. Car security systems, on the other hand, serve as deterrents. Locked doors and wheel immobilizers prohibit opportunity thieves from driving off in your car.

How to Start a Car When You Don’t Have a Key Fob?

Modern keyless fobs that need to be close to the ignition to start the engine were made possible by the technology in transponder chips. Given that it’s common for these battery-powered chips to stop working, manufacturers ensured you had a simple backup plan for opening the car and starting the engine.

You might not know that the fob has a small physical key inside, as you’ve never needed to use it. Pull off the small cover, typically on one side of the fob, to reveal an L-shaped metal key. Until you receive a replacement battery, you can use it to open the door and start the engine by inserting it into the fob backward.

A smartphone app may also unlock and start the automobile using the key fob. Quite a few new cars are equipped with this feature. You’ll need to register for one of the following apps depending on the manufacturer because there are typically several applications to use for different vehicles:

  • Audi: MMI Connect
  • Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat, Alfa Romeo: Uconnect
  • Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Buick: OnStar RemoteLink
  • Ford & Lincoln: Sync Connect
  • BMW: Connected Drive
  • Hyundai: BlueLink
  • Nissan: Nissan Connect
  • Infinity: Infinity InTouch
  • Lexus: Lexus Enform
  • Subaru: StarLink

How to Program a Transponder Key When You Don’t Have the Original?

You cannot program a transponder key without an original chip. As you can imagine, many autos aren’t safe. However, any key without the proper programming can open the doors to your car.

You’ve undoubtedly seen many online individuals claiming techniques for bypassing the transponder keys, but that is a waste of time. Despite what some may claim, programming RFID chips is a complex process. In actuality, you won’t be able to program them on your own at all. You will need an authorized dealer or a private locksmith to duplicate the chip code into another transponder key, even if you still have one.


If your transponder key fob is lost, starting your car will be exceedingly challenging, if it is even feasible. Transponder chips are made to be completely inaccessible, so the answer for how to start my car without a chip key is that only an authorized dealership can build a replacement transponder key fob for you after reading the necessary frequency from your car. Starting the automobile won’t be possible without the transponder chip, but at least you know another way to enter your car.



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