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Used RV for sale under $5000

At least once in our lives while growing up, We have all wanted to travel in our little home van, equipped with almost everything we need. We have grown up with that desire in our hearts; it’s time to give that yearning, which has been a part of us our entire lives, some serious attention. Today’s world is more developed, and renting and purchasing a compact home van is not a big deal. Therefore, it’s time to turn our dreams into realities.

Talking about road-tripping around while hauling our homes (literally), we all picture an RV with the nicest accommodations. However, the cost prevents us from further investigating. But we have a solution. That is, Finding used RVs in good shape. 

Suppose you are on a tight spending limit and looking for a used RV that would make a trustworthy traveling companion. This is your sign to look no further; we will discuss the best scenarios for a used RV for sale under $5000. Whether you are a seasoned road-tripper or a first-time explorer, these budget-friendly options offer a great way to hit the open road without breaking the bank. From spacious motorhomes to cozy campers, there is something for everybody. Keep reading to find out more.

Best Used RV for sale under $5000:

2002 Sunnybrook Lite 24 CKFS:

Despite being $4500, this vehicle has ample kitchen, bedroom, and awning space. There are several windows around the unit to enjoy the view outside. It has a spacious closet, bathroom, and cabinets for easy storage. The length of this RV is 25 feet, and it holds a sleeping capacity of 4. 

2008 Heartland Cyclone 4012:

Are you looking for a Used RV for sale under $5000 in Florida? Here’s your chance, this vehicle costs around $28000-$3500 and contains a 5500 Watts generator to provide sufficient power for your trip. It boasts privacy-enhancing solar reflecting glass on the mirrors and sled-out tubs that slide out from both sides of the car for exterior storage. The kitchen has a microwave, an oven, a three-burner stove, and a two-door refrigerator, while the main bedroom has a queen-sized bed. 

This RV is also equipped with one air conditioner, and its length of it is 23 feet. 

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1996 Dutchmen Royal 30RK:

If you are searching for a used RV for sale under $5000, it’s your lucky day because the 1996 Dutchmen Royal is available for around $3400-$4000. The pricing is an absolute deal because it has a sofa, a dining area, and space for six people to sleep. The bedroom has a queen-sized bed for comfortable sleep, a well-equipped kitchen, and a dedicated shower area. It also has several cabinets for added space and has a length of 31 feet. 

1997 Georgie Boy Pursuit MTRH:

This class A RV is available only for $5000, class A RVs are known for their comfort, so getting that for a stellar price is fantastic. A sofa unit can be used as a sleeping space when needed. This  Vehicle comes with a microwave and an oven, and the bedroom is at the back. 

1983 Chevrolet G-SERIES VAN G30:

The 1983 Chevrolet G-series is a class C RV for sale under $5000; it costs around $2999. Couples who want to travel in luxury from their home will find it the perfect vehicle because of its compact dimensions. A sofa and a dining area with two seats are included. The kitchen has a cooker with burners, a washbasin, and an oven. 

 1982 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 32′:

This class A RV is available for $3995, a perplexing price for a used class A vehicle. Its classic look will intrigue classic RV lovers. With the less price of this vehicle, you can even spend some money on its renovation according to your wishes. 

1973 Winnebago 20′:

1973 Winnebage 20′ is another classically used travel trailer under $5000, available at the low price of $2792. This class C can be renovated according to one’s preference, and a renovated vehicle has its style whose concept can only be grasped by true RV lovers.

1979 Road Ranger 22′:

Although it could use a little more room, the price of $1944 is incredible. It has the benefit of navigating through dense traffic and can be parked practically anywhere.

 Because this is an old vehicle, it requires some interior renovation. The vehicle’s furnishing might require attention. 

1993 Dodge 3500 RoadTrek:

This is an old RV on the list for $4750 with a mileage of 68000 miles. This class B RV with a length of 19 feet used to be a sweetheart of RV lovers back when it came into the market. This vehicle has enough space to cater to your needs. 


Owning an RV should not be a luxury reserved only for the wealthy. With this list of affordable used RV for sale under $5000, anyone can turn that dream into a reality without going broke. Do your research, inspect the RV thoroughly, and take it on a test run before purchasing. You may also find the ideal RV within your price range with a little diligence and time. 

The roads are beckoning, and RVs are prepared to roll, so once the purchase has been made, you need to pack your luggage and gear up to explore.


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