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2022 Subaru Forester Problems

Subaru foresters or you may call it “jack of all trades”, is one of the most trustworthy, family-friendly compact crossover SUVs in today’s market. Forester is a practical and highly capable Subaru model that overachieves in every aspect. This hybrid vehicle offers a pleasant ride, soft suspension, and decent off-road performance. Despite being manufactured by the most trustworthy manufacturers in the world, there are several issues with the Forester model. Here, we are mentioning some of the 2022 Subaru forester problems. 

Problems with Subaru Forester:

2022 Forrester has been mentioned to have issues with nearly all the possible things a vehicle could be subjected to, from interior design to technical concerns. It often comes as a surprise how this commonly praised car can be at default for basic things. However, we cannot deny that problems with this favorite family vehicle are too many to be ignored. Let’s look at the list of a few of the Subaru forester complaints without any further ado.  

1. Whistling Muffler: 

There were complaints that after you reached a certain speed, there was a whistling noise from the exhaust. The reason for that might be that your muffler might be internally corroding. You must inspect the damper and replace it if the corrosion is severe. 

2. Malfunctioning Airbag:

Some foresters were found to have malfunctioning airbags; in such cases, there is always a chance that people in the car will be injured. A vehicle was pulling into the parking space; the car experienced unintended acceleration and crashed into a tree, during which no airbag was deployed.  

3. Oil Leaks:

The 2022 Subaru forester leak is one of the frequent Forester malfunctions. Oil pouring from the engine’s front was observed when you lifted the bonnet. It can be resolved if hydraulic belt tensioners are replaced to stop the leak. 

4. Auto Car Acceleration: 

While trying to maintain the current speed, some cars were found to accelerate without your foot touching the accelerator. The source of this problem is most probably the forester’s sensors; the throttle position sensor is the one that is most likely to malfunction. You can fix this issue by ordering and installing a new sensor. If it’s not that, then it is a better practice to bring the forester to the shop for a complete diagnostic check.

5. Interior Parts Prone To Damage: 

The interior of the 2022 Forester is made of various tiny, fragile components, most likely prone to break. This was an issue with the first-generation version. This could, however, be fixed by replacing the damaged inner element.  

6. Brake Lights Malfunctioning: 

Numerous Foresters face this problem when you press the brake lights; they do not activate. However, this light switch flaw was not addressed by Subaru, but for it to be fixed, you will need to get a replacement brake light switch from their parts page and install it yourself.


Subaru Forester Years to Avoid

There are various 2022 Subaru forester problems, but these are some of the years you should avoid. 


1998 the first-generation model was one of the poorest; the 2001 model had the worst gasket issue. 


The problems with this model were found within the ranges of broken door seals and power window deficiency. Other complaints were found with the airbags light coming on, but airbags were not deployed. 


The problem with this model was blown head gaskets and engine failures. There were also complaints about collapsing of interior accessories. 


Oil leaks and uncontrolled oil consumption were common issues with the 2011 Subaru forester engines. Engine failure was also an issue found with this model of Subaru foresters.


This year was plagued by several engine failures, high oil consumption, suspension failure, and gearbox issues. 


The reason for avoiding the 2015 model is that it had the most unexpected acceleration problem. With the 2015 model, the interior accessories are still available, but it could cost around $150 and $250 to replace a radio.


This model’s battery life might leave the drivers stranded, the navigation system and radio have a crashing problem, and the battery may be weak. 

Summing Up:

After looking at all the details mentioned above, it is justified that one might question whether to buy Subaru Forester or not. Although there are several 2022 Subaru forester problems, it is still a solid option if adventure is what you seek. It is a fact that this car will not be ideal for everybody, but the Subaru Forester offers safety with style and versatility without putting a strain on your wallet. However, keep track of years to avoid, and you are good to go.


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