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How To Reset Mass Air Flow Sensor?

The mass airflow sensor is one of several vital parts of an automobile’s emission system. As it is the relevant component in your car, it requires a reset after it has been serviced or replaced in several cars. If your car’s mass air flow sensor gets too worn out and dusty, you will need to either purchase a new one or have a professional fix the worn-out one for you. Follow this article till the end to figure out how to reset mass air flow sensors in detail.

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How does a mass air flow sensor work? 

MAF is a device used to measure the volume of air passing through a given area. It assists in regulating airflow into the engine and measures airflow into the engine. It could also be explained as the mass air flow sensor collects data on how much air is being taken into the engine and how much is being pushed out.

How to trick a mass air flow sensor?

A mass airflow sensor can be manipulated in several different ways.

Using Magnet to Trick a Mass Airflow Sensor:

A mass sensor is a device that assists in determining the proper amount of fuel required to make cargo. One great way to make the car go faster is to use magnets. 

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Trick a Mass Airflow Sensor with a Throttle Enrichment:

If tricking a mass airflow sensor with a throttle enrichment is something you are looking for, here are some simple techniques. First, disconnect the battery, after which you will unscrew the intake manifold. It should pop off without any trouble. Then you will notice a box-looking device with wires from it that’s the mass airflow sensor.

Trick a Mass Airflow Sensor with ECU:

A mass airflow sensor monitors the air entering the engine and sends the information to the electronic control unit (ECU). ECU primarily uses the information to calculate the necessary fuel to inject into the combustion chamber. Sensors can also be manipulated to increase horsepower and inhale a higher air mass. 

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Trick a Mass Airflow Sensor with Mimic Carbon Dioxide:

The mass airflow sensor assesses the amount of carbon dioxide in the air in modern cars by measuring the amount of air that is drawn into the engine. Mass airflow sensors can be difficult to trick; a CO2 sensor can mimic a carbon dioxide sensor and make it think that the air is safe to breathe.

How to reset mass air flow sensor?

Here we provide a detailed guide on how to rest MAF on your car.

Turning your engine off: 

If you have been driving for a while, it is best to turn off the engine and let it cool down. Then take off the wire harness and sensor’s plug; the air flow sensor should also be taken apart and cleaned well. If there is a need to replace it, the new MAF sensor should be put in place of the new one. Then start the car and keep it running for 5-6 seconds. Now turn off the car and connect the MAF sensor to its harness. DTC P0102 message will appear on the dashboard, clean the memory, and restart the car.

Disconnect the battery:

The first thing to do is to remove the old MAF sensor and replace it with the new one. Then disconnect the battery from the ground cable before connecting the sensor to its harness. Make sure not to touch it for about 10 minutes. Now connect to the MAF sensor and start the car.

What to do after replacing the mass air flow sensor?

Once you have reset and replaced the MAF sensor, it is important to do maintenance. Proper periodic maintenance helps reduce the need for replacement. This could be done in the following steps. First, find the air intake system, then take the tubes inside the air intake system to find the MAF sensor. After that, clean the MAF sensor. Once the cleaning is completed, the air intake system must be reassembled again. 


We understand the anxiety that comes with one of your car components malfunctioning. This article will provide you with a complete guide on how the air mass flow sensor works, how to trick mass air flow sensor, how to reset mass air flow sensor, and lastly, what to do after replacing the mass air flow sensor. We hope this article helps you and eases your car troubles.

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