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Navigating Hazards: Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid

Any bike rider who wants to ensure their safety even when using should put on a helmet. However no longer every helmet is made similarly, and some producers may not provide the extent of safety required in an accident. In reality, current information indicates that head accidents and fatalities on the road regularly result from motorbike accidents.

This is why it’s so crucial to pick a regarded helmet emblem that puts protection and brilliance first. However, it is also vital to apprehend which motorcycle helmet organizations to stay away from. In the following article, we’re going to have a look at a number of the worst helmets within the market and provide advice on what to keep in mind earlier than making your purchase.

Worst motorcycle helmets

There are serious repercussions to wearing a cheap helmet, including decreased protection and a higher chance of damage. Here is a list of motorcycle helmet brands to avoid

  1. Shoei Qwest

The first consideration when selecting a motorbike helmet should always be safety. Motorcycle helmets come in many respectable brands, but there are some that you should stay away from like the plague. The Shoei Qwest is one such brand.


This helmet should be avoided since it lacks a flip-up chin bar, which can be quite useful in some circumstances. Furthermore, there may be issues with the Shoei Qwest’s weight and size. It may not be the largest helmet available, at 1.65 kg for a size big, but every kilogram can add to the force of contact in an accident.

Furthermore, the Shoei Qwest is not the thinnest helmet available. Since it is made for a rounder head shape, there might be better options for people with oval heads. This may compromise safety by causing discomfort and fitting problems.

  1. HJC IS-17

Before everything is sight, the HJC IS-17 can appear like a very good preference, however, there are some reasons no longer to choose this specific helmet. Initially, this helmet’s solar visor isn’t darkish sufficient to protect your eyes from the solar’s harmful rays. This can be a severe issue, mainly if you cycle in vibrant, sunny weather on an everyday foundation.


The HJC IS-17’s design for an intermediate head shape presents another problem. In case your head is narrower or more rounded, you might require assistance to ensure a proper fit for this helmet. It can be risky to wear a helmet that is too small since it can not offer enough protection in an accident.

On the HJC IS-17, the face shield occasionally remains locked down, which poses a serious safety risk. This makes it possible for dirt, dust, and other debris to get into the helmet and hurt your face or eyes.

  1. AGV Corsa

The locking mechanism on the visor of AGV Corsa helmets is one of their main problems. The locking mechanism, in contrast to other brands, is akin to a metal deadbolt that is bolted straight into the face shield. This could endanger the rider by making it harder to remove the visor in an emergency.


The requirement for AGV Corsa helmets to be Snell-certified is another reason to steer clear of them. A helmet that satisfies the strictest safety standards is guaranteed by the voluntary Snell certification standard. You can be certain that your helmet will keep you safe in the event of an accident thanks to this certification.

Purchasing a sturdy helmet is essential for safeguarding your head when motorcycling. Although the design or pricing of AGV Corsa helmets may be attractive, it’s important to put safety before style. Instead, take into account alternative brands that are reputable and have high safety ratings.

  1. Scorpion EXO-R410

There are undoubtedly some brands of full-face helmets to stay away from. The Scorpion EXO-R410 is among the worst motorcycle helmet brands available.


The reflective neon coloring of this model is the first reason to avoid it. Being noticeable while driving might seem like a good idea, but other drivers may find this helmet distracting or even dangerous.

Although the emergency quick-release cheek pads appear to be a useful feature, riders have reported that they release too rapidly in the event of an accident, exposing their faces to potential injuries.

  1. HLN

The manufacturer of this helmet, HLN, is an unknown Chinese brand that lacks some of the essential characteristics and safety elements that make a helmet. In the event of an accident, the Scorpion EXO-R410’s foam won’t be sufficient to protect you because it doesn’t meet any recognized criteria.


Videos exist of people using their hands to smash the Scorpion EXO-R410 in half. This ought to be a serious warning sign, just one of the many reasons you should not buy this helmet.

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Selecting a reliable brand that complies with accepted safety standards is essential for your safety when driving. The inexpensive cost of the Scorpion EXO-R410 can make it alluring, but the danger of donning a poor-quality helmet is too great.

Qualities to Search in Motorcycle Helmets  

The following are a few certifications to search for:

  • DOT certification: The US Department of Transportation issues the “DOT” certification, which certifies that a helmet satisfies the necessary safety requirements. All helmets sold in the United States must have it.
  • Snell certification: Helmets are tested to a higher standard than the DOT by the nonprofit Snell Memorial Foundation. If you’re looking for a helmet that provides excellent protection, look for the Snell certification.
  • ANSI certification: Safety requirements for a range of products, including helmets, are established by the American National Standards Institute. An ANSI-certified helmet has undergone testing to verify that it satisfies these requirements.
  • SHARP certification: This UK-based accreditation assigns a star rating to helmets based on how well they do in safety testing. For the best protection, search for helmets with a high SHARP rating.


In conclusion, making sure your protection on the street is paramount, and deciding on the proper motorcycle helmet is a vital step in attaining that intention. While numerous respectable brands prioritize protection and excellence, it is similarly critical to be privy to the motorcycle helmet brands to avoid.


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